Who We Are

The UKBFTOG community was created to help black women find other black women in the photography industry. The Photography industry is dominated by men, so it was extremely difficult to find other individuals like ourselves, who can relate to our experiences as black women. Being the only black female photographer in a room of your peers can feel very lonely and intimidating but we no longer have to feel like this because of the UKBFTOG community.

Currently, we have a private Facebook community group of nearly 500 ladies, which continues to grow. We also have a following on Twitter and Instagram alongside a mailing list that we use to connect with individuals who do not have Facebook.

We do meetups for the ladies that range from educational, social and co-working gatherings. We also make a conscious effort to attend photography conventions as we have found that most of our community were unaware of them.

December 2022 marked 5 years since the UKBFTOG community was created by Jemella Ukaegbu and it is just getting bigger and bigger. Without all the ladies contributing to the community, whether that is sharing meetups, attending meetups, posting in our facebook group etc. there would be no community. So we just want to thank you to the UK Black Female Photographers that have contributed so far and welcome to those who are just about to begin.


“Had a wonderful time at this years vision board party. Meeting other sisters within the industry and just discussing our goals and shared experiences within photography. The venue was stunning and everyone had the best energy. We vibrated on a whole different frequency and saw that there’s plenty of room at the table. Well our founder built our table”

“It was a great opportunity to put aside the business of ‘work’ and be surrounded by forward-thinking women all wanting better. I got the opportunity to meet new people, make some amazing new connections and focus on ME. I challenged myself to think about my successes, areas for improvement and create some realistic and achievable targets for 2020. I even got ideas for things. I wouldn’t have thought of myself which was amazing. The new year’s fast approaching and I feel more prepared for the months to come. Thank you so much ladies for organising this event.”

“It’s been so refreshing being part of such a supportive group”

“Meetups, Zoom meetings, exhibitions, this group just keeps on giving”

“A plethora of phenomenal talent”

“UKBFTOG is a safe space where I can be myself and share my ups and downs”

“When is the next exhibition?!, I’m in”

“The most organised, down to earth talented photographers community I’ve been apart of”

“The vibe in this group is great”

“honestly your attitude to supporting your colleagues is refreshing”

“I am sure people do not say this often enough, but I honestly appreciate this platform”

“I have learnt so much from being in the group even for such short time”

“I cant imagine having shared this issue in any other group and getting the same response – thanks ladies”

“The leadership team are seriously rocking”